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 Zombeatles: All You Eat is Brains

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PostSubject: Zombeatles: All You Eat is Brains   Fri 19 Dec à 4:01

ALL YOU NEED IS BRAINS focuses on the rise and fall of the group, beginning with the meeting and biting of Jaw and Pall at art school in Pool of Liver. After transforming into the walking dead, the two start up the Zombeatles with Harryson and Eat Breast. Their producer, Gorge Mortem, doesn’t care for Breast’s drumming, however, and before you know it, the latter is replaced by Scarr, from Rory Sturm and Drang and the Curried Brains. Pretty soon, Zombeatlemaina hits and they’re topping the charts with “I Wanna Eat Your Hand” and “Eight Brains a Week,” and flying to the U.S. to appear on THE DEAD SULLIVAN SHOW. The film will include in-depth looks at such momentous occasions as their conquering of the silver screen with A HARD DAY’S NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Nlennon’s controversial comment that the Zombeatles were more popular than Satan and interviews with the band, their longtime producer Mortem and noted rock critic Fester Fangs.

Gordon describes the movie as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD meets THIS IS SPINAL TAP and Eric Idle’s 1978 spoof THE RUTLES: ALL YOU NEED IS CASH. Once acquainted with the Zombeatles, he saw them as a perfect fit for the parallel universe he has created using the MacAbre persona. “I believe that it’s only a matter of time—years, months, maybe only weeks—until zombies evolve in a Darwinian fashion to become intelligent and creative creatures,” he tells Fango. “At that point, they’ll form their own ‘zomniverse,’ complete with their own popular culture, arts and entertainment in the form of performers like The Zombeatles and Angus MacAbre.”

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Zombeatles: All You Eat is Brains
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